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How To Bid

THD Charity Classic benefits The Home Depot Canada Foundation and its work to help prevent and put an end to youth homelessness in Canada.

The Host Auction provides all registered golfers the opportunity to bid to play their round of golf on August 15 with the Home Depot Host of their choice. See below for further information on the Host Auction.

There will only be one opportunity to participate in the Host Auction. The Host Auction will open on Tuesday, June 19 at 2:00:00 PM EDT and close on Thursday, June 21 at 1:59:59 PM EDT.

The Top Four (4) bidders* for each Home Depot Host will secure a spot in that five-some.

*Note that some Hosts will have fewer than four (4) available spots due to Albatross and Eagle partnership participation.


How does the bidding process work?

All registered golfers can bid to play their round of golf with the Home Depot Host of their choice.

Our online auction site works as a forward auction. This means bidding for an item starts with an opening price determined by the auctioneer and bids are placed by bidders in increments above the previous bid. At the end of the auction, the top four (4) bidders* will secure a spot with their selected host.

To participate in the auction, you must be registered to attend The THD Charity Classic as a golfer.

You do not have to reload or refresh the bidding page to find out what the current highest bid is as the page will update automatically every three seconds. This means your winning and losing status will be updated in real time as bids are entered by other users against your own bids



Steps to accessing and using the Host Auction platform

1. Log on to the Auction Site

You will receive an email when the Host Auction goes live with a link to the auction site, your username and password (you have been ‘pre-registered’ on the auction site). Click on the link and login with the username and password provided (they are case sensitive).

2. Finding your Home Depot Host

You can find your Home Depot host of choice in a few different ways:

Search - you can search for a Home Depot Host using the search tool below the main menu in the centre of each page. Enter key words relating to the Host you wish to find and press "Search". If you wish to refine your search by category, you can do so by selecting the category from the drop-down list next to the search box.

Categories – you can search for a Home Depot host by their department using the Categories filter (lots/Home Depot Hosts are divided into categories/departments). This allows you to filter your browsing of the website and show you only lots/Hosts in those categories. 

3. Bidding to play with The Home Depot Canada Host of your choice

Bids can be made one of three ways:

You can bid at the next increment by pressing the "Bid" button and then pressing "Confirm" to confirm you wish to place a bid at the corresponding amount.

You can bid at a higher amount than the current increment and enter your own bid amount (as long as it is greater than or equal to the current bid plus the minimum increment) into the box by the "Bid" button, press "Bid" and then confirm your bid by pressing "Confirm". Your bid will then be placed in the system and all bidders will see the change in the current bid on the webpage.

Auto Bidding: You may, if you wish, place an "auto bid" which sets a maximum amount you wish to bid to. The website will then automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid, making sure you stay ahead of the bidding automatically. Auto bidding also gives you the opportunity to set your highest desired purchase price and then sit back and wait to see if you were able to secure your Home Depot host of choice at that price.

4 . Tracking your own bidding history

If you wish to concentrate on just the spots you are bidding on, go to the history section and track just those items. This means you will be able to focus on bidding on the items you are not winning. The history page will update in real time as bidding progresses.

5. What happens if you get outbid during the Host Auction?

You will receive an e-mail message if you are outbid during the auction (check your spam or junk email folders just in case). You can place a higher bid if you wish. During the last few minutes of the auction, it is safest to monitor your bid on the auction site instead of waiting for an email notification.

6. Have I won?

Once the auction has finished you will want to know whether you have secured a spot in the five-some of the Home Depot Host you were bidding on. You can go to the history page and see the finished items you have "won" in green or "lost" in red. This can be found above the bidding panel (versus the previous "winning" or "losing" indicators). You will also receive an email notifying you that you have secured a spot in a Home Depot host’s five-some.

7. Payment

If you have a winning bid, you will receive an email with a link to direct you to your winning lot/Host, where you can choose to pay online or download an invoice to pay by cheque.



For questions regarding the Host Auction or any other event-related inquiries please contact IQ Business Events at hdevents@iqbe.ca or 1 (855) 246-2550.